throw throw verb (threw , thrown ) ›› WITH HAND 用手 1. to send sth from your hand through the air by moving your hand or arm quickly • 投;掷;抛;扔: ▪ [VN]
»Stop throwing stones at the window!
»She threw the ball up and caught it again.
»Donˈt throw it to him, give it to him!
▪ [VNN]
»Can you throw me that towel?
▪ [V]
»They had a competition to see who could throw the furthest.
›› PUT CARELESSLY 漫不经心地放置 2. [VN +adv. / prep.] to put sth in a particular place quickly and carelessly • 摔;丢;扔:
»Just throw your bag down over there.
›› MOVE WITH FORCE 用力移动 3. [+adv. / prep.] to move sth suddenly and with force • 猛推;使劲撞: ▪ [VN]
»The boat was thrown onto the rocks.
»The sea throws up all sorts of debris on the beach.
▪ [VN-ADJ]
»I threw open the windows to let the smoke out.
›› PART OF BODY 身体部位 4. [VN] to move your body or part of it quickly or suddenly • 猛动(头、臂、腿);挺起(胸);仰起(头);挥动(拳头、手臂):
»He threw back his head and roared with laughter.
»I ran up and threw my arms around him.
»Jenny threw herself onto the bed.
›› MAKE SB FALL 使人摔倒 5. [VN] to make sb fall quickly or violently to the ground • 使迅猛地摔倒在地:
»Two riders were thrown (= off their horses) in the second race.
›› INTO PARTICULAR STATE 处于某种状态 6. [VN +adv. / prep.] [usually passive] to make sb / sth be in a particular state • 使处于,使陷入(某种状态):
»Hundreds were thrown out of work.
»We were thrown into confusion by the news.
»The problem was suddenly thrown into sharp focus.
›› DIRECT STH AT SB / STH 指向某人/事物 7. [VN] to direct sth at sb / sth • 把…对准;向…作出;对…施加:
»to throw doubt on the verdict
»to throw the blame on someone
»to throw accusations at someone
»He threw the question back at me (= expected me to answer it myself).
›› UPSET 使烦恼 8. [VN] (informal) to make sb feel upset, confused, or surprised • 使心烦意乱;使困惑;使惊奇:
»The news of her death really threw me.
›› DICE 色子 9. [VN] to roll a dice or let it fall after shaking it; to obtain a particular number in this way • 掷(色子);掷出(色子的点数):
»Throw the dice!
»He threw three sixes in a row.
›› CLAY POT 泥壶 10. [VN] (technical 术语) to make a clay pot, dish, etc. on a potterˈs wheel • (在陶钧上)把…拉制成坯:
»a hand-thrown vase
›› LIGHT / SHADE 光;影 11. [VN] to send light or shade onto sth • 照射(光线);投射(阴影):
»The trees threw long shadows across the lawn.
›› YOUR VOICE 嗓音 12. [VN] throw your voice to make your voice sound as if it is coming from another person or place • 使变音;使嗓音听起来像来自他人(或他处) 【SYN】 project ›› A PUNCH 一拳 13. [VN] throw a punch to hit sb with your fist • 挥拳猛击;出拳 ›› SWITCH / HANDLE 开关;操作杆 14. [VN] to move a switch, handle, etc. to operate sth • 按动,扳动,推动(开关、操作杆等) ›› BAD-TEMPERED BEHAVIOUR 发脾气 15. [VN] to have a sudden period of bad-tempered behaviour, violent emotion, etc. • 突然发作(脾气等):
»Sheˈll throw a fit if she finds out.
»Children often throw tantrums at this age.
›› A PARTY 聚会 16. [VN] throw a party (informal) to give a party • 举行聚会 ›› IN SPORTS / COMPETITIONS 体育运动;比赛 17. [VN] (informal) to deliberately lose a game or contest that you should have won • 故意输掉(本应获胜的比赛或竞赛):
»He was accused of having thrown the game.
【IDIOMS】Idioms containing throw are at the entries for the nouns and adjectives in the idioms, for example throw your hat into the ring is at hat. • 含 throw 的习语,都可在该等习语中的名词及形容词相关词条找到,如 throw your hat into the ring 在词条 hat 下。 【PHR V】 ˌthrow sth∽aˈside • to reject sth such as an attitude, a way of life, etc. • 拒绝接受(某种看法、生活方式等) ˈthrow yourself at sth / sb 1. to rush violently at sth / sb • 冲向(人或物);向…猛扑过去 2. (informal, disapproving) (usually of a woman 通常指女人) to be too enthusiastic in trying to attract a sexual partner • 撒娇;献媚;勾引 ˌthrow sth∽aˈway 1. (also ˌthrow sth∽ˈout) to get rid of sth that you no longer want • 扔掉;丢弃;抛弃:
»I donˈt need that—you can throw it away.
»That old chair should be thrown away.
2. to fail to make use of sth; to waste sth • 失去;错过;浪费;白费:
»to throw away an opportunity
--› see also throwaway ˌthrow sth ˈback at sb • to remind sb of sth they have said or done in the past, especially to upset or annoy them • (尤指为使人烦恼)使想起,提醒,重提 ˌthrow sb ˈback on sth [usually passive] • to force sb to rely on sth because nothing else is available • 迫使依靠(因别无他物):
»There was no TV so we were thrown back on our own resources (= had to entertain ourselves).
ˌthrow sth∽ˈin 1. to include sth with what you are selling or offering, without increasing the price • (不提高售价或报价的)奉送,额外赠送,白搭:
»You can have the piano for $200, and Iˈll throw in the stool as well.
你花 200 元就可以买走这架钢琴,另外奉送这张琴凳。
2. to add a remark to a conversation • 加插评语(或感叹句等):
»Jack threw in the odd encouraging comment.
ˌthrow yourself / sth ˈinto sth • to begin to do sth with energy and enthusiasm • 投身于;热衷于;积极从事 ˌthrow sth / sb∽ˈoff 1. to manage to get rid of sth / sb that is making you suffer, annoying you, etc. • 摆脱;甩掉:
»to throw off a cold / your worries / your pursuers
2. to take off a piece of clothing quickly and carelessly • 匆匆脱掉,拽下,扯掉(衣服):
»She entered the room and threw off her wet coat.
ˌthrow sth∽ˈon • to put on a piece of clothing quickly and carelessly • 匆匆穿上(衣服):
»She just threw on the first skirt she found.
ˌthrow sth∽ˈopen (to sb) 1. to allow people to enter or visit a place where they could not go before • (对…)开放;允许…进入 2. to allow people to discuss sth, take part in a competition, etc. • 允许…公开(讨论);允许…参加(竞赛):
»The debate will be thrown open to the audience.
ˌthrow sb∽ˈout (of...) • to force sb to leave a place • 撵走;轰走;逐出:
»Youˈll be thrown out if you donˈt pay the rent.
ˌthrow sth∽ˈout 1. to say sth in a way that suggests you have not given it a lot of thought • 脱口而出;随口说:
»to throw out a suggestion
2. to decide not to accept a proposal, an idea, etc. • 拒不接受,否决(建议、想法等) 3. = throw sth away 4. to produce smoke, light, heat, etc. • 冒(烟);发(光);散发出(热):
»a small fire that threw out a lot of heat
5. to confuse sth or make it wrong • 使混淆不清;打乱;使出错:
»Our calculations of the cost of our trip were thrown out by changes in the exchange rate.
ˌthrow sb ˈover (old-fashioned) • to stop being friends with sb or having a romantic relationship with them • 同某人绝交;抛弃某人 ˌthrow sb∽toˈgether [often passive] • to bring people into contact with each other, often unexpectedly • 使不期而遇;使意外聚在一起:
»Fate had thrown them together.
ˌthrow sth∽toˈgether • to make or produce sth in a hurry • 匆忙拼凑成;仓促制出:
»I threw together a quick meal.
ˌthrow ˈup • to vomit • 呕吐 【SYN】 be sick :
»The smell made me want to throw up.
ˌthrow sth∽ˈup 1. to vomit food • 呕出(食物) 【SYN】 sick up :
»The babyˈs thrown up her dinner.
2. to make people notice sth • 使显眼;使引起注意:
»Her research has thrown up some interesting facts.
3. to build sth suddenly or in a hurry • 突然建造;匆忙建造:
»Theyˈre throwing up new housing estates all over the place.
4. to leave your job • 辞职:
»to throw up your career
noun 1. the act of throwing sth, especially a ball or dice • 抛;扔;摔;投(球);掷(色子):
»a well-aimed throw
»Itˈs your throw (= itˈs your turn to throw the dice ).
»He threw me to the ground with a judo throw.
2. the distance which sth is thrown • 投掷的距离:
»a javelin throw of 57 metres
* 57 米远的标枪投掷
3. a loose cloth cover that can be thrown over a sofa , etc. • (沙发等的)套,罩 $100, £50, etc. a ˈthrow • (informal) used to say how much items cost each • 每件价格为;每件值:
»The tickets for the dinner were £50 a throw.
餐券每张 50 英镑。
--› more at stone n.
* * *
n. 投, 擲
v. 扔, 拋, (指馬)把騎者摔在地上, 使苦惱, 驚懮, 投擲

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